Chaconnes & Passacailles à 2 dessus et basse (from “Pièces en Trio”) (1692)

Complete modern performing edition of the five ‘iterative’ pieces (1 chaconne and 4 passacailles) included in Marais’ Pièces en Trio for 2 dessus and bass, according to the 1692 print. In 3 versions, differing only for the clefs used:

  • original clefs: verbatim transcription of the source;
  • modern clefs: treble clef for the dessus and bass / tenor clefs for the bass;
  • low version: treble clef for the dessus and bass clef only for the bass; in the highest passages the bass has been transposed an octave down

Chaconne (Cmaj.)
Passacaille (G min)
Petitte passacaille (G min)
Passacaille (E min)
La Desolée ou Passacaille lente (C min)

Editors: Maurizio M. Gavioli
Contents: Score and 3 separate parts (in A4 and A3 imposition) with 3 different version of the bass
Formats: PDF, MusicXML, MuseScore 2
Cat. No.: ViMa MM 18 (ver. 1)