While working on our scores, we had to develop some collateral stuff. Hoping they may be of some help to other peoples working on similar projects, we make them available here as soon as they reach a deliverable status.


Renaissance Incipit SVG Package

A small collection of svg files with symbols for making incipits for Renaissance editions:


(click on the image to download)


French Baroque ornaments for flute/recorder and viola da gamba

A few small collections of svg files with symbols for adding rarely supported French Baroque ornaments to flute/recorder and viola da gamba scores:

preview preview preview

(click on each image to download)

Each svg element is ready to be inserted in a MuseScore score without scaling or adapting. Of course, sources from these authors, also include other ornaments, which however should be already available in a musical notation programme.



VistaMare Musica scores are all engraved with MuseScore and use MuseScore's own fonts for the musical symbols. For all textual matters, they use free, open source typefaces with more character (pun intended!) than the average, ubiquitous computer fonts.

Earlier scores

Scores published up to March 2018 (main series up to cat. no. ViMa 24 and Margaritæ Musicæ series up to cat. no. ViMa MM 6) used Linux Libertinus and Linux Biolinum as textual typefaces. These typefaces can be downloaded here.
My scores use the plain, ttf version of the fonts, as MuseScore is not OpenType-aware.

More recent scores

In April 2108, I restyled the score texts and I looked for other typefaces.

EB Garamond, a gorgeous, historically conscious, rendition of a typeface which marked the history of Western typography, was the perfect match for my historically oriented scores.

As MuseScore sometimes has problems in telling which font is which, I had to rename the fonts themselves with more distinctive names, but for the rest they are identical to Duffner's originals, in particular, none of his glyphs is modified or removed.
The same typeface — with subset fonts, to speed download up — is also used for this web site, in combination with Josefin Sans Light for the titles.


(click on the image to download the fonts)

The zip file contains 5 fonts:

  • EBVMGaramond12-Regular.otf, the Regular style in the optical size for 12pt;
  • EBVMGaramond12-Italic.otf, the Italic style in the optical size for 12pt. Historic typefaces did not have a matching italic (which is a very recent concept); this italic comes from a Robert Granjon cut appearing on the same print used as a source for the Regular style;
  • EBVMGaramond08-Regular.otf, the Regular style in the optical size for 8pt, to be used for very small text pitches (9pt or less). As historic fonts neither had a matching bold style (another recent concept), this optical size can also be used in larger pitches as a (semi-)bold style for the very few instances where a stronger style is really necessary;
  • EBVMGaramond12SC-Regular.otf: the 3 above fonts already include ‘real’ small capitals, ready to be used by OpenType-aware applications; for non-OpenType-aware applications like MuseScore, this font, which replaces lower case letters with small capitals, allows to use ‘real’ small capitals easily;
  • EBVMGaramond12SC-Italic.otf: same as above for the italic style.


More to come...