Instrumental Works with Recorder, TWV 40 (1727)

All Telemann works for one or more recorders, possibly with other instruments and without continuo (TWV class 40). It only includes works for which the recorder is explicitly stated as an instrument, either as the only possibility or one among several. It does not include works which could be performed on the recorder or could be (or have been) adapted to the recorder.
It is made of 2 volumes; each volume comes in several versions (for flute in original French clef, for flute in modern treble clef, for recorder).

Vol 1: Sonates sans basse à deux Flutes traverses ou à deux Violons ou à deux Flutes à bec
I: Sonata 1 (TWV40:102, F maj.), Sonata 2 (TWV40:101, Bb maj.), Sonata 3 (TWV40:103, C maj.)
II: Sonata 4 (TWV40:104, G min.), Sonata 5 (TWV40:105, D min.), Sonata 6 (TWV40:106, G maj.)

Vol 2: Other pieces from Der Getreue Music-Meister:
Duetto à Flauti dolci (TWV40:107), Carillon (fl. d. e chalumeau, TWV40:109), [Duo à Flauto dolce e Violino] (TWV40:111)

Editors: Maurizio M. Gavioli
Contents: Score (in 2 or 3 sets of clefs, each with A4 and A3 booklet imposition)
Formats: PDF, XML, MuseScore 2.0
Cat. No.: ViMa T 1 (ver. 1)