Canoni et Obblighi di cento et dieci sorte sopra l’Ave Maris Stella (1610)

Modern performing edition of the 110 canons in 2 to 5 voices (plus tenor) according to the Robletti 1610 print.

Volume I: Canons in 3 voices (1-55).

Editors: Maurizio M. Gavioli
Contents: Score (in two sets of clefs)
Formats: PDF, MusicXML, MuseScore 2.0
Cat. No.: ViMa 9 (ver. 1)



Score: V. I: Original clefs 125 p.
Score: V. I: ‘viol’ clefs 125 p.


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MuseScore Pre-2.0

Pre-2.0 scores have been created while MuseScore 2.0 was still under development and opening them with released MuseScore 2.0 may yield incorrect results. They are being converted to released 2.0 format.

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Version history:

2014-01-08: Initial release (ver. 1)