Six Sonates Op. 1 à une Viole de Gambe & Basse Continue (1715)

Complete modern performing edition of the 6 sonatas in the 1715 Roger print.

Sonata I (Ut majeur),
Sonata II (Ré mineur),
Sonata III (Mi mineur),
Sonata IV (Fa majeur),
Sonata V (Sol mineur),
Sonata VI (La mineur)

Editors: Maurizio M. Gavioli
Contents: Score, solo part
Formats: PDF, MusicXML, MuseScore 2.0
Cat. No.: ViMa 16 (ver. 1.2)



Score: Continuo score 37 p.
Score: Continuo score (A3) 37 p.
Part: Solo part 24 p.
Part: Solo part (A3) 24 p.


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