24 Fantasies à  quatre parties disposées selon l’ordre des douze modes (1610)

Complete modern performing edition of the 1610 Ballard‘s print.

The work includes two series of twelve Fantasies each: one for the twelve modes naturels (untransposed or per b quadro) and one for the twelve modes transposés (i.e. per b molle).

In this edition, each series is a separate volume.

Editors: Maurizio M. Gavioli
Contents: Score (in 3 sets of clefs, each with A4 and A3 booklet imposition)
Formats: PDF, XML, MuseScore 2.0
Cat. No.: ViMa 6 (ver. 1.1)


Version history:

2015-05-23: Text re-checked against sources; added version in original clefs; typographic improvements; engraving files updated to MuseScore 2.0 format (ver. 1.1)
2012-06-12: Initial release (ver. 1)