Sonatas for a flute, Op. 1 (1724)

Complete modern performing edition of the 6 sonatas for recorder and continuo as published by Walsh (London) in 1724.

Sonata I (D min.)
Sonata II (C maj.)
Sonata III (G min.)
Sonata IV (C min.)
Sonata V (F maj.)
Sonata VI (B♭ maj.)

Editors: Maurizio M. Gavioli
Contents: Score and 3 separate parts (in A4 and A3 imposition); the continuo separate part comes in two versions: with tenor clef (original) and without it (
Formats: PDF, MusicXML, MuseScore 2
Cat. No.: ViMa 41 (ver. 1)



Score: Score 47 p.
Score: Score – A3 47 p.
Part: Parts 71 p.
Part: Parts – A3 71 p.


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