Welcome to VistaMare Musica, a site dedicated to Renaissance and Baroque music scores, with an accent on music for (or suitable to) viola da gamba or viola da gamba consort.

All the scores available here are original editions made from original sources, trying to join the clarity and easy of use of modern music engraving with the greatest possible fidelity to the source.

Without claiming to be critical editions, they attempt to give the performer a reasonable account of the original text.

All the scores —as well as all the contents of this site— are under the Creative Common by-sa license. This means they can all be freely downloaded, copied, distributed, performed and recorded.

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...Open source

All the software used to create the scores and this web site is open source:

The scores have been created with MuseScore, a free, open source music notation software competing for easy of use and features with widely used, commercial programmes.

For textual front and back matters, I use LibreOffice, a complete Office Suite which is a great alternative to proprietary software and which, version after version, is reaching a typographic quality more than adequate to the task.

All score texts are set in Linux Libertine and Biolinum, a paired serif / sans couple developed with great care and precision and a full complement of typographic details.

The intermediate .PDF files are combined and imposed with jPDFImposition, a Java application developed in-house and made freely available via github.

This web site uses the Ambivium font, a home-made modification of the nice Junction font, developed by Caroline Hadilaksono of The League of Movable Type, who made this and other fonts freely available for download and collaborative development also via github. Ambivium restores Junction text numerals in the web font too and adds small caps; its sources can be downloaded from github.

Please support the open source ideal by trying our scores and the tools they rely upon and by sharing them, if they suit you.